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The President and Committee of Ku-Ring-Gai Pistol Club (KPC) welcomes you to our website.

The Club at Hornsby is friendly, fun and safe. We offer a broad selection of pistol matches in which you are encouraged to participate. KPC participates in all the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) matches which include; Men's and Women's Air Pistol, Standard Pistol, Rapid Fire, Sports Pistol, Centre Fire Pistol and 50 metre Pistol. The Club also offers Practical Pistol, 25 and 50 yard Service Matches and Field Silhouette Matches.


Visitors and guests to the range are by invitation of the committee only.

If you hold a current pistol license or would like to attend as an unlicensed visitor shooting on a NSW Police Firearms Registry P650 (shooting under strict supervision), you are invited to fill out our contact form which can be found under the ‘CONTACT US’ tab on the top of this page. 


You will be contacted shortly and if successful we look forward to seeing you on the range.

The President
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